The European Women's Goe Championship in Leipzig took place on 1st and 2nd October 2005 for the first time after many years.

The result is a surprise and a little sensation. Starting point was the unexcepted win of Rita Pocsai, (4d, Hungary) vs. Sventlana Shikshina in round 3. Zhao Pei (6d, Germany) beat Rita Pocsai in round 4 and at the begin of the final round the outcome of the championship was still open.

Rita had to play against Manuela Lindemeyer (3d, Germany) - the winner would be under the first three for sure. With the pairing between Sventlana and Zhao Pei the strongest women of the tournament were fighting for the championship.

In the end Rita beat Manuela and Svetlana could win her game against Zhao Pei by 3 points.

European Woman Champion 2005 are - with identical scoring - in alphabetical order

Zhao Pei, Rita Pocsai und Svetlana Shikshina.

Congratulation all winners!

Final Scoring Place 1 to 7
Pl. Name Str Co. MMS Pt SOS SODOS
1 Shikshina, Svetlana 7d Rus 24 4 115 91
1 Zhao Pei 6d Ger 24 4 115 91
1 Pocsai, Rita 4d Hun 24 4 115 91
4 Lindemeyer, Manuela 3d Ger 23 3 115 67
5 Simunkova, Martina 1d Cze 23 3 111 64
6 Trinks, Daniela 3d Ger 23 3 110 64
7 Urbán, Alexandra 1k Hun 22 2 116 45
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Group picture

Group picture of the EWGC 2005 (by Christoph Gerlach) click to enlarge

Events during the championship

On 29th and 30th September 2005 Go workshops and seminars for everybody were held. The following go professionals from the Nihon Kiin were presented at the European Women's Championship:

Mr. Haruyama and Mrs. Shigeno offered workshops and simultaneous games as well as game commentaries.

Having European citizenship, Miss Shikshina (1-Dan Professional, Russia/Korea) took part at the championship.



Unexcepted Outcome

Three young women became European Woman Champion 2005. mehr>>


Bord 1

Just at the end, it happened, that there were some discrepancies in the game on board 1, so the referees had to find a solution. They decided that the game should be finished, and Svetlana could win the game by 3 points. Now 3 womens got 4 points. Who will be the winner? mehr>>


Final round

Rita beat Manuela in a very hard fight. Rita is now at least under the first three. Manuela can still hope that Zhao will win her game. mehr>>


4th round

Zhao Pei beat Rita Pocsai and leads the championship with 4 points. In the 5th round Zhao and Svetlana will fight for the championship. The fight between Rita and Manuela will decide at least the third place. mehr>>


Start of the EWGC

The first three rounds were held today. Round 3 was the day's highlight and the day of the hungarian girls. Rita Pocsai beat Svetlana Shikshina and Alexandra Urbán beat Daniela Trinks (3d). mehr>>


Workshop with Manuela

Manuela's workshop was dedicated for Kyu-players. The theme was proper invading and some basic shapes, everyone should be familiar with.



The first women arrived today. The journey of the hungarian girls took about 11 hours, the one of Liza Gorbunova (1k, Urkaine) about 35 hours.


Special hotel fee

There is a special hotel fee for participants and visitors of the EWGC 2005. more>>



We expect three professional go players from japan for the workshops and the championship. more>>


Change of venue!

The venue has moved to Taucha, east of Leipzig. more>>


Update Tournament Rules

There are some changes according to the used byoyomi rule of the main tournament. more>>