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Bienvenue, Willkommen, Welcome to the website of the Élysée Cup. Here you will find all information about the friendly team tournament organized by the French and German Go Association.
The tournament is organized according to the Nongshim Cup but with two teams. Earlier there were similar tournaments known as Super-Go.
Each team contains 8 players. The games are played on "KGS" Go Server.

Newsticker: By defeating Motoki Noguchi GERMANY WON THE Élysée Cup!!!

Game numberFrench PlayerGerman PlayerGame dateComment
14Motoki Noguchi, 7 DanZou Jin, 6 Dan13th of May, 4:30 pmZou+Res
13Motoki Noguchi, 7 DanBenjamin Teuber, 6 Dan15th of April, 6pmMotoki, B+8.5
12Thomas Debarre, 6 DanBenjamin Teuber, 6 Dan23rd of February, 1pmTeuber, B+Res
11Rémi Campagnie, 6 DanBenjamin Teuber, 6 Dan9th of February, 12amTeuber, W+Res
10Benjamin Papazoglou, 5 DanBenjamin Teuber, 6 Dan25th of January, 1pmTeuber, B+Res
Download Commented game (by YS Yoon)
9Benjamin Papazoglou, 5 DanFranz-Josef Dickhut, 6 Dan2nd of January, 8pmPapazoglou, B+Res
8Benjamin Papazoglou, 5 DanChristoph Gerlach, 6 Dan19th of December, 8pmPapazoglou, W+30.5
Download Commented game (by YS Yoon)
7Tanguy Le Calvé, 5 DanChristoph Gerlach, 6 Dan28th of November,7:30 pmGerlach, W+Res
6Tanguy Le Calvé, 5 DanJohannes Obenaus, 5 Dan14th of November, 10 amLe Calve, W+Time
Download Commented game (by YS Yoon)
5Antoine Fenech, 5 DanJohannes Obenaus, 5 Dan22nd of October, 2 pmObenaus, W+7.5
Download Commented game (by Fan Hui)
4Frédéric Donzet, 5 DanJohannes Obenaus, 5 Dan15th of September, 1 pmObenaus, B+10
Download Commented game (by YS Yoon) NEW!!!
3Toru Imamura, 4 DanJohannes Obenaus, 5 Dan13th of August, 8 pmObenaus, W+Res
Download Commented game (by YS Yoon)
2Toru Imamura, 4 DanLukas Kraemer, 5 Dan25th of July, 7 pmImamura, W+Res
Download Commented game (by Fan Hui)
1Toru Imamura, 4 DanJun Tarumi, 5 Dan29th of June, 8:30 pmImamura, B+Res
Download Commented game (by YS Yoon)

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